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Writing Good User Stories [Infographic]

In agile development, an user story represents a small piece of business value that an agile team can deliver in an iteration. User stories are usually written as one or two sentences in the everyday language of the user. User stories are written by the Product Owner, with the help of the agile team. Once written, they are placed in the Product Backlog and prioritized, by the Product Owner.

User stories are:

  • a software system requirement
  • used to define what is to be built
  • prioritized, make up the backlog
  • related together as “features” or “themes”

An user story is defined as follows:
As a … < role> …
I want … < activity> …
So that … < value or why need functionality> …


  • As a sales manager I want to view the sales report so that I can know the sales for this quarter.
  • As a regular traveler I want my cell-phone to wake me up at a set time so that I do not need to pack an alarm clock.

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